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In 2010, HS international was founded by the Architect Hani Al Sahooly as an independent professional consulting firm, and since this time, the firm has never lost its focus on developing high-quality project. Hs international team is experienced, knowledgeable, and available to assist you in the efficient assessment and implementation of your project .

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HS International is pleased to announce that the office may begin Procedures for obtaining several certifications to ISO in both the head office or the company's offices abroad, and you will Detail in the next few days .


Resident manager of an international ISO certification, Mr. Kaiser Parker, a training course in the main center for the company to the heads of departments, and the course aims to introduce them to this session and the implications of any institution on any certificate of ISO, and this of course comes in the context of work to get the main center for the company on a number of certificates to the ISO.




Within the recreational activities undertaken by the group (HS) organized a trip to the headquarters staff of Aden to the Beach Club "Aden Refinery" in Little Aden  (Borega) on Thursday 26/1/2012, which was attended by more than (35) employees with their families and enjoyed a range activities and entertainment events and competitions  intellectual and sports in addition to the Beach Borega beautiful and the quite, and characterized the trip as well as all of the above is the beautiful weather  that characterizes the atmosphere of Aden in the winter and that makes Aden a destination  for expatriates of all provinces at the time of the year, and in the afternoon met with staff in the club lounge, a restaurant for lunch, then return to recreational activities to follow up until four o'clock pm which is the time of ending of the trip, and the staff was keen to capture images commemorative gathering and documenting the enjoyment of this beautiful day.


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