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In 2010, HS international was founded by the Architect Hani Al Sahooly as an independent professional consulting firm, and since this time, the firm has never lost its focus on developing high-quality project. Hs international team is experienced, knowledgeable, and available to assist you in the efficient assessment and implementation of your project .

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Communication Tools and Computers Equipments

The IT department and particularly the network architecture have been organized to integrate the new information technologies, optimum communication being the prime objective between the various players in HS international, whatever their geographic location.

Office infrastructure


A- Core i7 2.8, 8G RAM,1Tb HDD
B- Core i3, 4G RAM , 500 HDD
C- Core2Duo 2.70 Ghz, 3G RAM , 320 HDD


A- Toshiba Notebook Atom 1.6,512m RAM ,80HDD 
B- Toshiba DUALCORE 2.1 Ghz,1G RAM, 320 HDD
C- Toshiba DUALCORE 2.1 Ghz,1G RAM, 320 HDD

Printers & Scanners:

A- Hp LaserJet p1005, function: A4 Drawings printing
B- Hp Color Sphere , function:  A4 Drawings printing

External devices:

A- Epson Matrix lx300,function:A4Drawings printing
B- External Hard disk 100 G,function: projects archiving       
C- External Hard disk 1 Tb, function: projects archiving  
D- External DVD writer,function:projects


Computer software:

international activities have led to the development of a vast range of technical software which is regularly updated and optimized, either by  HS international or with the help specialist computer companies. HS international has built and tasted mathematical models and applied systems and adjusted them to suit different environments. ,HS international has also acquired considerable skill in the use of software off-the-shelf.

General packages

A- Ms windows package millennium, XP.
B- MS office package .R 2007

Architecture and graphics packages

A- Adobe Photoshop package R.8.O
B- AutoCAD 2010
D- Sketch up package R.0.7
E- Bryce package R.0.6

Structural packages

A- STAD3 Package(structure analysis and design)
B- STAD PRO Package(structure analysis and design).
C- SAP 2005 (structure analysis and design)
D- Rigid (structure analysis and design)
E- SPSS (structure analysis and design)
F- PROKON 2005


HS Internation , Engineering Consultants - LLC ,
Abu Dhabi , UAE

Omran for Architectute & Engineering, Qatar , Doha
HS Amman / Region Ofiice , Amman Jordan
HS & Associates , Aden , Yemen .... more